New Market Expansion Program

Gives Tasmanian export prepared, small to medium businesses with funding of up to $7,000 to enable them to investigate and look for new markets both broadly and abroad.

New Market Expansion Program2018-11-25T07:27:08+10:00

No Interest Micro Business Loan

Furnishes low pay workers in Tasmania with intrigue free loans of up to $3,000 to help their new or developing business.

No Interest Micro Business Loan2018-11-26T00:27:00+10:00

Advanced Manufacturing Innovation and Growth Voucher System

The AMGC provides matching funding to projects that involve technologies with strong export potential. In this way, we help our members to access crucial financing, networks and institutional support during the early stages of commercialising their ideas.

Advanced Manufacturing Innovation and Growth Voucher System2018-11-28T23:58:37+10:00

Advanced Manufacturing Market Expansion Program

Gives small to medium manufacturing businesses in Tasmania with money related help of up to $10,000 to conceal to half of venture expenses to set up new interstate and universal markets.

Advanced Manufacturing Market Expansion Program2018-11-26T00:37:29+10:00

Championship Grants

Gives occasion coordinators funding of up to $7,000 to sort out focused donning or gaming occasions that convey contenders and supporters to TAS.

Championship Grants2018-11-25T07:29:09+10:00

Touring Grants Tasmania

Gives coordinators of auto, motorbike or strolling visits in Tasmania with funding of up to $15,000 to urge guests to go around Tasmania.

Touring Grants Tasmania2018-11-25T07:29:13+10:00

Tasmanian Freight Equalisation Scheme

Furnishes Tasmanian businesses and people with money related help to counterbalance the expenses of moving products via ocean.

Tasmanian Freight Equalisation Scheme2018-11-26T00:32:01+10:00

AgriGrowth Loan Scheme

Gives farms and agri-businesses in Tasmania with low interest loans of up to $1.5 million to build up the agricultural segment.

AgriGrowth Loan Scheme2018-11-26T00:31:11+10:00

Low-interest Arts Loan

Furnishes Tasmanian craftsmen and associations with access to low interest loans to put resources into capital enhancements, equipment buys and different undertakings with expressions related results.

Low-interest Arts Loan2018-11-25T09:25:44+10:00

Vehicle Rebates for Farmers

Furnishes ranchers in Tasmania with discounts of up to 40% on the engine tax paid on commercial vehicles utilized for agrarian purposes.

Vehicle Rebates for Farmers2018-11-26T00:31:55+10:00

26 TEN Grants

Gives businesses and pinnacle bodies in Tasmania with funding of up to $50,000 to enhance the education and numeracy aptitudes of their specialists and make their work environment more artistic agreeable.

26 TEN Grants2018-11-26T01:04:32+10:00

Fruit Fly Concessional Loan Scheme

Gives Tasmanian organic product cultivators who have been influenced by the natural product fly occasion with loans of up to $250,000 to help with recuperation.

Fruit Fly Concessional Loan Scheme2018-11-26T00:20:00+10:00

Heritage Places Renewal Loan Scheme

This program is designed to assist private businesses and local governments that use, or intend to use, their unique historic heritage assets as part of their current or proposed business undertakings or business opportunities in Tasmania.

Heritage Places Renewal Loan Scheme2019-02-28T23:38:19+10:00

NIFPI Launceston Hub – Research Grants

This program aims to grow Australia’s forest and forest products industry by exploring and facilitating innovation in the forest products sector in areas such as forest management, timber processing, wood fibre recovery, value adding, advanced manufacturing and the bio-economy.

NIFPI Launceston Hub – Research Grants2019-02-28T23:40:32+10:00

Fruit Fly Concessional Loan Scheme

This program aims to provide financial assistance to Tasmanian fruit growers that have been affected by the fruit fly event, as indicated by the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment.

Fruit Fly Concessional Loan Scheme2019-02-28T23:43:11+10:00