Screen Territory – Travel Support

This program seeks to support experienced Territory practitioners to maintain their skills, grow their networks and develop their project slates by contributing towards the costs of travel to relevant markets, conferences, and skills development opportunities held intra-Territory, interstate or internationally.

Screen Territory – Travel Support2019-03-01T17:23:23+10:00

Quick Response Grants (NT)

This program seeks to support individuals or their organisations that has an activity that would like to attend or coordinate that aims to engage young people.

Quick Response Grants (NT)2019-03-01T17:30:05+10:00

Business Growth – An Overview Program

This program reviews the position of the business to help examine the operating environment, as well as to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT).

Business Growth – An Overview Program2019-03-01T17:44:46+10:00

Business Growth – Digital Solutions

This program aims to improve digital presence with a clear path for continuous involvement and improvement by the entity.

Business Growth – Digital Solutions2019-03-01T17:46:44+10:00

Business Growth – Information Technology Solutions

This program aims to assess the technology the business have and identify new processes, software or hardware that will increase productivity or improve the bottom line of the business.

Business Growth – Information Technology Solutions2019-03-01T17:47:19+10:00

Business Growth – Mentor Support Program

This program aims to helps mature businesses that are operating successfully and following a business plan but would like mentored help.

Business Growth – Mentor Support Program2019-03-01T17:47:59+10:00

Industry Buildskills Program (NT)

This program aims to support the upskilling and reskilling of existing workers in occupations and/or industry sectors affected by significant change.

Industry Buildskills Program (NT)2019-03-01T19:32:41+10:00

Industry Capability Network (ICN) – NT

This program aims to identify, develop and match opportunities to Northern Territory (NT), Australian and New Zealand businesses.

Industry Capability Network (ICN) – NT2019-03-01T19:35:32+10:00

NT Equity Training Grants

This program aims to improve training and employment outcomes for disadvantaged people in the Northern Territory (NT).

NT Equity Training Grants2019-03-01T19:48:05+10:00

Power and Water Corporation – Community Sponsorship

This program aims at forming active and mutually beneficial relationships with organisations and communities, not merely through financial support but also through contributing and transferring skills, expertise and knowledge.

Power and Water Corporation – Community Sponsorship2019-03-01T19:50:50+10:00

Local Jobs Fund – Capital Grants Program

This program aims to target transformational economic growth projects which create a step-increase in Northern Territory economic activity, demonstrate broad economic benefits for the Territory across multiple sectors, and create enduring new Territory jobs.

Local Jobs Fund – Capital Grants Program2019-03-01T20:59:10+10:00

Local Jobs Fund (Overview)

This program is aimed at creating more local jobs and accelerating major and significant projects.

Local Jobs Fund (Overview)2019-03-01T20:59:39+10:00

Local Jobs Fund – Equity Co-investment

This program aims to secure funding and accelerate business development and growth into national and global markets, stimulating economic activity and creating Territory jobs.

Local Jobs Fund – Equity Co-investment2019-03-01T21:01:28+10:00