Innovation Connect

Gives smaller technology businesses situated in Canberra with coordinated funding of somewhere in the range of $10,000 and $30,000 to enable them to create inventive products and administrations.

Innovation Connect2018-11-25T09:44:39+10:00

SME Growth Program

This program provides a business review at no charge to assist SMEs growth and competitiveness. Turnover must be between $500,000 and $1.5m.

SME Growth Program2018-11-29T00:14:27+10:00

Entrepreneur Development Loan Fund (EDLF)

Furnishes enter people in ACT businesses with unbound loans of up to $10,000 at a level rate of 3% to get the in-house abilities and capacities required to become the business.

Entrepreneur Development Loan Fund (EDLF)2018-11-26T00:28:05+10:00

Training Fund Authority

Gives specialists in the Demonstration building and development industry with access to different dimensions of funding to help create abilities, enhance culture, get to training and bolster new laborers entering the industry.

Training Fund Authority2018-11-25T09:55:47+10:00

Transport Subsidy

Furnishes ACT provincial landholders with a vehicle sponsorship of up to $20,000 for the vehicle of fodder, water and/or stock.

Transport Subsidy2018-11-26T00:19:44+10:00

Reconciliation Day Grants Program

This program aims to provide to support individuals, organisations and education institutions to hold meaningful initiatives in the lead-up to, during, or in support of the Reconciliation Day Public Holiday event.

Reconciliation Day Grants Program2019-03-01T00:15:29+10:00

Screen Canberra – CBR Screen Fund

This program aims to assist the local screen industry being nationally and internationally competitive as well as attracting incoming productions that will lift Canberra's profile around the world.

Screen Canberra – CBR Screen Fund2019-03-01T00:57:16+10:00

Discovery Translation Fund

This program seeks to assist the commercialisation of new technologies and innovations from The Australian National University (ANU) and University of Canberra (UC) and Charles Sturt University (CSU).

Discovery Translation Fund2019-03-01T03:03:45+10:00

ACT-UC Innovation Voucher Program

This program, supported by Canberra Business Chamber, aims to connect businesses from Canberra and the surrounding region to UC.

ACT-UC Innovation Voucher Program2019-03-01T03:22:40+10:00

Innovation Connect (ICon) Grants

This program aims to help Canberra-based businesses develop innovative products and services.

Innovation Connect (ICon) Grants2019-03-01T03:26:04+10:00

ACT Microcredit Loan Program

This program aims to provide a limited number of low interest and fee-free loans from Westpac for eligible low-income earners who wish to start or expand an existing business.

ACT Microcredit Loan Program2019-03-01T17:00:36+10:00

Entrepreneur Development Loan Fund (EDLF)

This program is designed to contribute to the costs of skills and knowledge transfer to high-growth potential businesses in the ACT in order to help them obtain or refine key skills and capabilities, grow the company, and achieve their business goals.

Entrepreneur Development Loan Fund (EDLF)2019-03-01T17:03:13+10:00

ACTSmart Business Energy and Water Program

This program aims to provide rebates that help commercial businesses lower running costs by lowering water and energy which in turn helps the ACT lower greenhouse gas emissions.

ACTSmart Business Energy and Water Program2019-03-01T17:15:00+10:00

Capital Angels

Capital Angels is a corporation that provides a forum for qualified high-net worth individuals to proactively support Capital Region entrepreneurs through both investment and direct activities supporting the companies.

Capital Angels2019-03-01T17:51:57+10:00

Medical Research Commercialisation Fund (MRCF)

This program aims to invest in early stage development or ''proof-of-principle projects'' within research institutes, and commercialisation opportunities emanating from Australian medical research institutes and allied research hospitals.

Medical Research Commercialisation Fund (MRCF)2019-03-01T19:44:32+10:00

SME Growth Program

This program is aimed at driving small business growth and competitiveness.

SME Growth Program2019-03-01T19:55:38+10:00

ACT Health – Let’s Talk Suicide Prevention Grants

This program aims to develop new innovative suicide prevention and awareness projects which are developed in line with evidence-based strategies and best practice principles.

ACT Health – Let’s Talk Suicide Prevention Grants2019-03-01T22:35:29+10:00

ACT Rural Resilience Grants

This program aims to help enable ACT rural landholders to build capacity and improve infrastructure to better manage risks and impacts associated with drought, now and into the future.

ACT Rural Resilience Grants2019-03-01T22:43:06+10:00