Stronger Regional Communities Plan

Furnishes businesses and intrigue bunches with funding of up to $50,000 to help make and hold employments in territorial zones of Victoria.

Stronger Regional Communities Plan2018-11-26T00:50:57+10:00

Advanced Manufacturing Innovation and Growth Voucher System

The AMGC provides matching funding to projects that involve technologies with strong export potential. In this way, we help our members to access crucial financing, networks and institutional support during the early stages of commercialising their ideas.

Advanced Manufacturing Innovation and Growth Voucher System2018-11-28T23:58:37+10:00

Biomedical Translation Fund (BTF)

Gives organizations investment through authorized private segment support administrators to create and commercialise biomedical revelations in Australia.

Biomedical Translation Fund (BTF)2018-11-26T00:45:38+10:00

Industrial Hemp Grant Scheme

Gives cultivators, processors, item trailblazers and network and industry associations required with the modern hemp industry in Western Australia with coordinated funding of somewhere in the range of $20,000 and $100,000 to help extends that can convey broad advantages.

Industrial Hemp Grant Scheme2018-11-26T00:37:44+10:00

Small Business Entrepreneur

Furnishes Queensland small businesses with coordinated funding of up to $5,000 to get to proficient guidance and support.

Small Business Entrepreneur2018-11-26T00:51:40+10:00

Farm Investment Loans

Furnishes cultivate businesses with loans of up to $1 million to enable them to construct and keep up solid, versatile and gainful businesses.

Farm Investment Loans2018-11-26T00:56:16+10:00

Major Project Status

Real Task Status perceives the vital centrality of a venture to Australia, and gives coordination and assistance bolster and also a solitary passage point to an organized endorsements process.

Major Project Status2018-11-26T00:56:29+10:00

Food Source Victoria Growth Grants

Gives ranchers, producers, processors and makers who got a Nourishment Source Victoria Arranging Stipend and built up a Development Plan with funding to help the activities in that arrangement. Candidates who did not recieve an Arranging Award may likewise apply for a Development Concede on the off chance that they have a current equal arrangement.

Food Source Victoria Growth Grants2018-11-26T00:27:21+10:00

Food Source Victoria Planning Grants

Gives agriculturists, producers, processors and makers with coordinated funding to build up an arrangement to become their businesses.

Food Source Victoria Planning Grants2018-11-26T00:56:44+10:00

Big Data Connect Program

Furnishes makers in SA with access to programs that can enable them to utilize enormous information to enhance their business and convey custom-made programming answers for particular business issues.

Big Data Connect Program2018-11-26T00:57:18+10:00

Growing Local Economies

Furnishes associations with funding to grow monetarily critical infrastructure to local New South Ribs.

Growing Local Economies2018-11-26T00:25:34+10:00

Export Market Development Grants (EMDG)

Reimbursement of up to $150k based on 50% of your export marketing costs, provided you are the principle in the transaction and promoting Australian products or services. If this is your first claim you can include eligible expenses for the last 2 financial years.

Export Market Development Grants (EMDG)2018-11-28T23:01:25+10:00

Advanced Manufacturing Market Expansion Program

Gives small to medium manufacturing businesses in Tasmania with money related help of up to $10,000 to conceal to half of venture expenses to set up new interstate and universal markets.

Advanced Manufacturing Market Expansion Program2018-11-26T00:37:29+10:00

Trade Mission Program

The Victorian Government, through its Trade Mission Program, takes Victorian organisations to key overseas markets to showcase Victoria’s capabilities in key industries, and to introduce the participants to potential buyers, investors and trading partners.

Trade Mission Program2018-11-29T00:25:06+10:00

Trade Support Scheme

Gives NT associations up to half of the expenses of expenses of qualified universal marketing exercises.

Trade Support Scheme2018-11-26T00:32:06+10:00

Supplier Improvement Plan

Furnishes businesses with a Provider Enhancement Plan administration to enhance store network execution and better comprehend client's needs and prerequisites.

Supplier Improvement Plan2018-11-26T00:51:02+10:00

Business Growth Grants

On completion of the Business Evaluation, firms are eligible for grants up to $20,000 (excluding GST), to be matched by the firm, to implement the recommendations using services provided by industry experts and consultants chosen by the claimant to implement one or more of the improvement recommendations from the Business Evaluation, Supply Chain Facilitation or Growth Services.

Business Growth Grants2018-11-28T23:51:35+10:00

Business Growth Fund Program

SMEs that can demonstrate high-growth and employment opportunities can claim up to $500,000 to purchase specialised equipment or services to secure a growth opportunity.

Business Growth Fund Program2018-11-29T00:17:23+10:00