Business Growth Grants

On completion of the Business Evaluation, firms are eligible for grants up to $20,000 (excluding GST), to be matched by the firm, to implement the recommendations using services provided by industry experts and consultants chosen by the claimant to implement one or more of the improvement recommendations from the Business Evaluation, Supply Chain Facilitation or Growth Services.

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Business Evaluation

The Business Evaluation is a comprehensive analysis of the firm, carried out on-site by skilled and experienced Business Advisers.  This will typically involve three to four days of the Business Adviser's, and your firm's time.

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Entrepreneurs’ Programme – Business Management: Supply Chain Facilitation

This programme aims to provide support to strengthen opportunities, improvements and linkages within an identified Supply Chain Opportunity, to improve their business’ capability to contribute to their purchaser’s trade in Australian markets and markets in other countries.

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Industry Growth Centres Initiative Programme

This program is an industry-led approach driving innovation, productivity and competitiveness by focusing on areas of competitive strength and strategic priority.

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Entrepreneurs’ Programme – Business Management: Tourism Partnerships

This programme aims to provide groups or consortiums of tourism businesses in northern Australia access to a business facilitator and a tourism partnerships action plan to improve capability and competitiveness to increase visitors from interstate and overseas.

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Supplier Improvement Plan

Furnishes businesses with a Provider Enhancement Plan administration to enhance store network execution and better comprehend client's needs and prerequisites.

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Tourism Partnerships

Gives gatherings of the travel industry businesses in northern Australia with access to an accomplished Business Facilitator for more than a year. The gathering will make a Travel industry Associations Activity Plan so they can recognize openings and techniques for regular business interests.

Tourism Partnerships2018-11-26T01:07:41+10:00

Entrepreneurs’ Programme (Overview)

This programme aims to drive business growth and competitiveness by supporting business improvement and innovation connections in targeted Growth Sectors and the commercialisation of novel products, processes and services.

Entrepreneurs’ Programme (Overview)2019-02-28T23:17:19+10:00

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